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[IN STOCK!] Stapiz Deep Plex Bond Stabilizer No. 3 290ml

Stapiz Deep Plex Bond Stabilizer No. 3 290ml

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75 LTL

Gamintojas: Stapiz
Gamintojo kodas: stapiz-deep-plex-bond-stabilizer-no3-290ml
Garantija: 12 mėnesiai


Helps to maintain the bonding power in hair fibers between chemical treatments carried out in the hairdressing salon. The stabilizer protects against the harmful effects of external factors by shielding the scales of the hair.

The DEEP_PLEX N° 3 BOND STABILIZER provides a supportive dose of active substances that support the protective structure obtained in the salon, helping to maintain the binding power in
the hair fibers that can be weakened by negative externalities (UV radiation, frost, wind, salt water), physical factors (high temperature of dryer, straightener or curling irons), mechanical damage (improper use of combs, brushes and hair ornaments, jerking and pulling on wet, tangled hair).

This preparation is intended for home use twice a week after a hairdressing salon treatment.

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