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ROCCAT mousepad Dyad (ROC-13-350)

ROCCAT mousepad Dyad (ROC-13-350)

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Turimas kiekis: 5+ pcs
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156 LTL

Gamintojas: ROCCAT
Gamintojo kodas: ROC-13-350
  • 4250288183643
Garantija: 12 mėnesiai

Precision cloth surface
Cloth is revered as the premium surface by gamers thanks to the precision it offers. It provides a platform for consistent, accurate pointer control thanks to silky-smooth fibers it’s comprised of. Let erratic, inconsistent mouse movements be a thing of the past as the Dyad promises a surface you can rely on, time and again. Its high-quality cloth material gives you the perfect balance between speed and precision, letting you respond rapidly and with lethal accuracy to on-screen events.

Reinforced steel core
The Dyad is comprised of three layers, with its precise cloth surface and non-slip backing welded to a tough, reinforced steel core. Despite its three layers, the mousepad is stunningly low profile, with a thickness of just 1.5mm. The benefit of the steel core is that it adds to the longevity of the cloth, providing remarkable durability. The mousepad can also be used away from your desk without a change in feel, for instance on your lap.
  • Precision cloth surface – high quality cloth layer engineered onto steel core 
  • Reinforced steel core – super stable – reliable and consistent on all surfaces 
  • Ultra-thin form – 1.5mm thin with comfortable, no-fray edges
  • Durable materials – easy to clean, designed for long-term use 
  • Optimal size – 325 × 255 × 1.5mm, ideal for gaming 
  • Rubberized non-slip backing – stays firm so you can focus on your game
Paviršius Sile
Laius (mm) 325
Materjal TekstiilKummRoostevaba teras
Pikkus (mm) 255
Randmetugi Ei
Paksus (mm) 15

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